Boxer Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How did boxers get their name?

     Though boxers originated in Germany, it's believed that the English named the breed due to how they use their front feet when in a scrap.

2)  When did the first boxer come to the US?

    The first boxer came to the US in 1903, and the first boxer was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1904.  During the 1940s, boxers reached their height in popularity.

3)  What were boxers originally bred to do?

    Boxers are working dogs that were bred for guard and protection work.  They have been used in war work, have performed in circuses, are guide dogs for the blind, and are search and rescue dogs.

4)  Is it true that boxers make good family pets?

    Absolutely, when well bred.  Boxers seem to know when to be rough and when to be gentle.  They can be quite protective of their "kids".

5)  Are boxers hard to train?

    Boxers do have a stubborn streak, but they are highly intelligent and with the right positive training, learn quickly and retain that information.  With any high energy breed, obedience classes are recommended.

6)  Is there such a thing as white boxers?

    Yes, there are white boxers.  They are NOT "rare".  However, no one should intentionally be breeding for white boxers due to deafness being linked to boxers that are predominantly white.

7)  How long do boxers live?

    Boxers live anywhere between 10 and 14 years.

8)  What health problems should I be aware of before purchasing a boxer?

    Reputable breeders test both parents prior to breeding for arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), Sub-aortic Stenosis (SAS) (both are heart conditions), and Hip Dysplasia.  See "What to Expect from a Reputable Breeder."  

9)  Where can I find a reputable boxer breeder?

    Going to a dog show and talking to breeders is a great place to start.  If that isn't an option, get a hold of your local dog club for references or contact the American Boxer Club for breeders near you.  Ask lots of questions.  It's ultimately up to you to screen breeders as the good ones will be screening you, too!

10)  How much can I expect to pay for a well-bred boxer puppy?

   Reputable breeders do not make money on their litters.  After health testing, breeding fees, vet fees for the mother, whelping supplies, shots, worming, dew claws removed, tails docked, puppy food, toys, and supplements, it is a very expensive ordeal.  As with anything, you get what you pay for.  Expect to pay between $800 - $1100 for a well bred pet puppy with a health guarantee and from good parentage.  Show prospect puppies with an ear crop can range from $1600 and up.